R for Data Analyst

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R is one of the most useful high-level open sourced data analytics tools in academy field and industry. There are lots of functions and libraries have been developed, which will help people to deal with their analytics problems, moreover, amounts of people are developing new features for you. Consequently, R has become to be one of the top requirements as a data analyst/business analyst.
This certificate will prove your abilities on data manipulation, data processing, data visualization and basic machine learning modeling like linear models, classification and clustering with R, so it will assist you to seek for a data analyst/business analyst position.
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Qualifying Participants
Individuals who have a basic statistical and analytical background. It is best suited for those with the capability of leveraging applied science with R. Participants should be able to utilize these skill sets to conduct data visualization, data analysis, and statistical/predictive models, besides, present final reports by different R functions and packages.


Testing Standards
Basic Theory: Statistics, Probability, Data Mining, Data Processing, Data Visualization, Machine Learning modeling
Tools and Software Requirements: R


Prerequisite Skills: Ability to utilize R to generate data visualization reports through implementing data control, data processing, data cleaning, analysis, modeling and related tasks.


Exam Topics
• Foundations of R (data types, data frames, loops, basic graphs)
• Data Manipulation Packages (dplyr, tidyr)
• Data Visualization Packages(ggplot2, Rshiny)
• Basic Machine Learning (Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest…)


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