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Chicago Data Science Conference 2017

University of Chicago, Gleacher Center

May 20, 2017

About the Conference

The theme for this conference is “Technology. Innovation. Career.” Our goal is to create a cross-campus data science learning platform and bring together business and academic leaders, young professionals, entrepreneurs and promising students. The conference will demonstrate cutting-edge technology and offer unique insight into what is possible with machine learning and data science while providing attendees with opportunities to expand their career networks.


  • Gain insight into the future of data science development as well as the trending technologies. Featuring speakers from Microsoft, IBM, Dell EMC, Groupon, Datascope, Uptake, Pachyderm, Dunn Solutions Group, Metis and other industry leading companies.
  • Network with Data Scientists from various backgrounds and discover career opportunities.
  • Topic Areas: Data Science Application, Open-source Software, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Speakers & Panelists


Addhyan Pandey
Lead Data Scientist at Groupon
Ahsan Rehman
Data Scientist at IBM
Andrew Zhang
Cloud Analytics Architect at IBM
Ashley Purdy
Data Science Career Advisor at Metis
Carolyn L. Phillips
Data Scientist, Manager at Capital One
Daniel Whitenack
Data Scientist and Lead Developer Advocate at Pachyderm
David Giard
Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft
Jess Freaner
Data Scientist at Datascope Analytics
Keith Myers-Crum
Data Scientist at Civis Analytics
Sasha Gutfraind
Chief Healthcare Data Scientist at Uptake
Srinivasan Sivaramakrishnan
Data Scientist at DELL EMC
Zachariah Miller
Senior Data Scientist at Metis


University of Chicago, Gleacher Center, Room 621