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  1. Conference: IDEAS members will obtain 50% off admission privilege (value $50-$300) for all conferences, and local meetups hosted by IDEAS within the membership duration. (Other discounts will also apply). And will obtain priority of being selected as conference speaker or panelist under the same circumstances.
  2. Job Referral Program: IDEAS members can get one-time career referral service (Value $1,000+) without any charge from IDEAS recruiting partner.
  3. Online Workshop/Webinar: IDEAS members will have full access to all weekly Webinars/online workshop. where we invite professionals in different industries to answer your specific questions and share their own experience.
  4. Certificate Program: IDEAS members will have 30% off discount (value $150) when applying for IDEAS Certifications in NPL Program, Python for Data Science, R for Data Analyst, Recommender System, and SQL for Data Analyst.
  5. Professional Training Program: IDEAS members will enjoy member Price $300-$900 off according to the chosen course?when enrolling in any online or onsite curriculum training from our training partners.
  6. Member Newsletter: IDEAS members will receive IDEAS newsletters twice a week including the latest events and technology information, career opportunity, analysis report in AI, data science, big data, and blockchain.


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