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Oct. 20, 2018

Los Angeles Convention Center


SoCal Data Science Conference is a data science learning platform to connect data science enthusiasts. We will demonstrate cutting-edge technology and feature a variety of data science experts covering topics including industry trend, data science application, open-source software, machine learning and many others.
This is the must-attend event for anyone that is already in the field or just looking to expand their career network in the Data Science arena.


A key highlight of the event will be presented by thought leaders in the data science industry. They will reveal the latest trends as well as insights on the future of data scientists.


We provide a diverse selection of trending topics through multiple tracks, including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Fintech, Healthcare, Startup, Data Analytics, etc.


Our workshops are designed for data enthusiasts to jumpstart their career by building a solid foundation in Python, machine learning, AI tool sets, etc. *Additional fee is required.



We aim to build a platform for tech companies to interact with our audiences and have band exposure at the event.


Abhishek Gupta
Head of Product, Visualization & Urban Computing Products at Uber
Alexis Roos
Director Data Science of Salesforce
Anand Ranganathan
Chief AI Officer of Unscrambl
Andrew Zhang
Watson Cloud Advocate of IBM
Anirban Majumdar
CoFounder, CTO/COO of PatientMD Inc.
Annie Flippo
Manager of Analytics at Thinknear by Telenav
Anuj Saini
Manager Specialist of Sapient Global Markets
Arif Ansari
Professor of University of Southern California
Ashwin Krishnan
Tech Ethicist, Writer, Podcaster, and Speaker of Ashwin Krishnan
Beate Chelette
Founder at The Women's Code
Bin Fan
Founding Member & Architect at Alluxio
Brendan Herger
Senior Data Scientist of Metis Data Science
Carter Harrison
Sr. Blockchain Engineer at XYO Network
Cesar Acosta
Charalampos (Harry) Papadimitriou
Lead Data Scientist at PatientPop
Chris Surdak
Senior Manager, Robotics and AI of Erns & Young
Chris Tyler
Sr. Cloud Architect and Cognitive Evangelist at IBM
Christian Kameir
Managing Partner @ Sustany Capital
Damien Benveniste
Lead Data Scientist of Rackspace
Dave Nielsen
Head of Ecosystem Programs at Redis Labs
David Brown
Entrepreneur/Musician of PianoCub
Debajyoti Ray
Founder & CEO at RivetAI Inc.
Dennis Oneill
CEO of O'Neill Capital Advisors
Donald Malloy
Chairman at OATH, The initiative for Open Authentication
Ed Zabar
CEO at Verif-y
Edward Mehr
CEO of Cyberpunk Lab
Erik Saberski
Lead Data Scientist of XYO Network
Erika J. Steele
Feng Han
Founder of Elastos
Fletcher Riehl
Data Scientist of System1
Gerald Parham
Fan experience and omnichannel customer engagement leader of IBM
Glenn Walker
Head of Digital & Data Analytics at The Wrap News
Goutham Budati
Director of Analytics of Oxford Road
Gunnar Carlsson
President & Co-Founder of Ayasdi
Harry Glaser
CEO & Co-Founder at Periscope Data
Herbert Roitblat
Principal Data Scientist at Mimecast
Honggang Wang
Assistant Professor at University of La Verne
Ilana Fraines
Co-Founder & Lead Blockchain Developer of TokenAI
Inga Maslova
Assistant Professor of Clinical Data Sciences and Operations at USC
Jason Geng
Chair of Board at IDEAS
Jennifer Prendki
VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight
Jeongmin Kim
Jeremy Musighi
Founder at Immutable Capital
Jerry Power
Exec Director Institute for Communication Technology Management at USC
Jesse Mauck
Founder of Zigr
Joan Torrez-Saez
Chief Data Officer at Cloud BIRST, Inc.
Jonathan Chou
Co-founder & CEO at Bee Token
Jongwook Woo
Professor (Director of BDAIC) at California State University Los Angeles & BDAIC (Big Data AI Center)
Juan Vasquez
Data Programs Manager of City of Los Angeles Office of Finance
Jules Hilliard
CEO at Secure Block Technologies
Kimberly Rodriguez
Data Programs Lead at City of Los Angeles, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
Laura Noren
Director of Research at Obsidian Security
Lawrence Spracklen
Vice President of Engineering of SupportLogic
Madhukar Kumar
VP Outbound Product Management of Redis Labs
Manju Devadas
Founder & CEO of Pluto7
Marie H Roy
Data Scientist of Age of Learning
Mary Wahl
Data Scientist II of Microsoft
Matt Chapman
Manager, Data Engineering of mPulse Mobile
Mic Farris
Director at KPMG
Michael Alvarez
Professor at California Institute of Technology
Michael Housman
Chief Data Science Officer at RapportBoost.AI
Michael Thomas Martin
Director of Public Policy of Free Machine
Morvareed Salehpour
Managing Partner of Salehpour Legal Consulting
Mostafa Majidpour
Senior Data Scientist of Meredith
Nadeem Moghal
Chief Data Office@AT&T
Neal Fultz
Principal Data Scientist@njnm Consulting
Nick Acosta
Developer Advocate of IBM
Ning Jiang
CTO at OneClick.ai
Om Patri
Data Scientist at Sense360
Pavel Ferreri
Innovation Executive, Watson, Cloud & Blockchain at IBM
Peter Fennell
Data Scientist of Tala
Peter Voss
Founder & CEO at AGI Innovations Inc.
Rajendra Koppula
Director of Machine Learning of Manifold
Ran Cao
Data Scientist at Riot Games
Rayaan Arif
Founder of FundingTree.com
Robert Bruza
CEO of Advrtas
Sam Czertok
Co-Founder of TokenAI
Sang-Yun Oh
Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara
Sarat Tatineni
Senior Manager of Cognizant
Scott Hoch
Lead Data Scientist at Deep6 AI
Shawn Chen
Global Partner of Plug and Play
Shilpa Balan
Assistant Professor of California State University-Los Angeles
Sid Mohasseb
CEO at Anabasis
Sugath Warnakulasuriya
Managing Director at Thalamus Labs
Sujee Maniyam
Founder / Principal of Elephant Scale
Thuc Vu
Co-founder & CEO at Kambria
Tom Plunkett
Consulting Solutions Director at Oracle
Vladyslav Ivanov
Quantitative Researcher
Weining Shen
Assistant Professor at UC Irvine
William High
Head of Data Science at Joymode
William Karnes
Chief Medical Officer/Clinical Professor of Medicine at Docbot & UC Irvine
William Lu
Adviser of IDEAS
Wonkyum Lee
Lead Software Engineer of Gridspace
Wout Brusselaers
CEO at Deep 6 AI
X. Eyeé
Blockchain Ambassador at Microsoft
Xiaolu Zhao
CTO at Data Application Lab
Xin Chen
Data Scientist and PhD Candidate of haas school in UC Berkeley
Yipeng Li
Software Engineer at Clobotics
Yogesh Srihari
Co-Founder & CEO at LQDEX
Yutao He
Senior Researcher Technologist@Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Yves Bergquist
Director of the "AI & Neuroscience in Media" Project at USC
Zia Khan
Data Scientist of TheDevMasters

Session Tracks

Attendees have access to a broad range of session talks. Here are some insightful topics covered in this year event:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence: Hype, Reality, Vision.
  • Battling Skynet: The Role of Humanity in Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning for Ad Mix Optimization
  • Generating Creative Works with AI
  • Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning


  • Big Data Credit Assessment
  • Data Analytics Drives FinTech
  • How data science is transforming wealth management
  • Blockchain Application in Real Estate Transactions


  • Pioneering the World’s First Public Data Utility
  • “Full Stack” Data Science with R for Startups: Production-ready with Open-Source Tools

Big Data

  • Deep Learning in Spark with BigDL
  • MCL Clustering of Sparse Graphs
  • Distributed Database DevOps Dilemmas? Kubernetes To the Rescue!
  • Data Science at City Scale
  • Operationalizing Your Data Lake: Get Ready for Advanced Analytics


  • Using AI to Tackle the Future of Health Care Data
  • Potential Solutions from Precision Medicine for the Crisis of Chronic Disease
  • Machine Learning in Healthcare and Life Science

Data Analytics

  • Machine Learning & Data Science in the Age of the GPU: Smarter, Faster, Better
  • Uncovering Feature Importance and Correlations in Human Behavioural Data


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October 20, 2018 (Sat) 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Los Angeles Convention Center

Training Sessions

(Time: Oct. 21, 2018 | Location: TBD)

Machine Learning

Duration: 4h

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Duration: 4h

Price: $1000

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